Portable AP for AB PLC Connection

I’ve browsed the forum and don’t find the answer I’m looking for.

My company doesn’t allow any embedded wireless networks for machine control via PLCs. I am looking for a temporary wireless connection for machine commissioning without needing to be jacked in with my laptop to connect to AB PLCs via Ethernet.

My local AB distributor recommended trying the Anybus Bolt, but I’m confused with which configuration to use.

Can 1 bolt be configured/plugged into a PLC cabinet and connect via Bluetooth to the laptop without the need for a 2nd bolt?


Depending on what you’re trying to do, you might have more luck setting the bolt to be a wifi access point, it should reach further than bluetooth and have more throughput.

Do you currently have the bolts with you? I believe you should be able to setup your bolt as an access point with the PLC connect to the ethernet port. Then connect your PC to the bolt’s access point and check if it’s responding to pings

I do have the Bolts on my desk.

I was leaning towards Bluetooth due to only needing a small radius to commission/troubleshoot equipment. I don’t want to be tethered by a 20’ patch cable. (At my last job they allowed me machine access via company WiFi which spoiled me).

When I am done I would unplug the Bolt and store on my cart for next use.

At the same time, I will be connected to company WiFi for internet access and file transfer etc.

Another issue I have is my predecessor didn’t plan IP addresses very well, and there are many islands of automation on different subnets.

Thanks for taking a look.


I think as long as your PC or android device are using the same bluetooth implementation you should be able to connect that way. If that’s not the case you’ll want to have the bolt connecting to the device be the bluetooth access point and have your second bolt be the bluetooth client that you connect to your PC to reach the device.