POST request with file from Flexy 205 (+ downloading files)

Hi there,

I’ve 2 questions:

  1. How can I send files from a Flexy 205 to a REST API server using the IDE?

An example of a POST request would be great. So far, I’ve made POST requests, without files, using REQUESTHTTPX. (I’ve been using BASIC because I’ve found great REST API code samples and the Programming Reference Guide, but few Java REST API documentation specifically for REST requests in eWON). The closest explanation I could find was this one, but it seems an issue wasn’t resolved:

  1. How can I download a file from a connected device (i.e. same LAN), such as a .jpg file from a URI capturing a stream picture of an AXIS camera connected to the Flexy 205 via RJ45 port?

For context, the file is a picture from the stream of an AXIS camera. I haven’t determined if I should first download the .jpg file to the Flexy, store somewhere on the Flexy, send it in the POST request, then delete it, or if I can directly use the camera’s URI for a .jpg file in this POST request to send it.