Power supply requirements


Can you clarify the what the power supply for the Netbiter EC350 is? The installation guide says the typical consumption is 4.5W but the recommended supply is 25W, that is a big difference! Further more the back of the device reports the input power to be 6W. Can I assume that number is more accurate the the installation guide?

Installation guide

Back of the device


Hi Rick.

For the EC350 and LC350 HMS recommends that you size your power supply to provide at least 24W of power to each Netbiter device.

While the average power consumption is typically much lower, around 6W, the peak power consumption can be around 17W. This high peak consumption can be seen when the device is operating on 2G cellular networks with poor signal strength.

Reference the label on the back of the device for the voltage range. We have updated the internal supply to work as low as 9v. This is to allow the device to stay active during voltage drops seen on some devices such as a starting generator. The total voltage range for newer devices is 9-32v vs 12-48v on older models.

We’ve provided feedback to the product development group that the documentation in the installation guide, the manual, online and on the product are providing different numbers and we hope to see that information corrected in the near future.