Power up issue Anybus X-gateway


We are currently using Anybus X-gateways to connect our robot systems to production machines. We are using the AB7800 Profibus DP Master to Ethernet IP Adapter gateway. We have a couple of those systems installed in the field and they are working. We noticed on the last few units we built that in about 1 of 5 power ups the Profibus side of the gateway goes into a stop and doesn’t connect to the network.

A new restart usually fixes the problem. I tried different settings on the Profibus and EthernetIP configuration but so far without success. What I noticed this morning when I was logged in over HyperTerminal that the module itself keeps hanging during the boot process.
The log file shows following error after it occurred
Like I said once the gateway successfully powers up everything works fine. It’s only sometimes it fails and we noticed this problem on multiple devices.