PowerFlex VFD EthernetIP to Modbus RTU

Trying to connect a PowerFlex 525, which communicates on Ethernet IP to a control system that supports Modbus RTU (485).

Any options?

Hello @hajami,

If the powerFlex 525 is a ethernet/IP slave you should be able to use an AB7839.

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Hello @deryck_hms, thank you for the reply.

Are there any application notes for this type of setup? We’ve done it before but the Ethernet IP device was a PLC that we could get into, never with a VFD.

You can find all the files and documentation available for that device here.

Thank you!

Hi @hajami ,

I have another customer that is interested in using our Anybus X-Gateway Ethernet/IP scanner to communicate with PowerFlex 525 drives. Did you have success with this project? He was looking for feedback from someone who had done this exact configuration.

Thank you!