Problem creating some QCPU tags

when trying to create a tag example W15B4 (Floating) it throws error “ERROR: Invalid IO name for Tag”, I have another 170 tags configured and operational (example DF230, X43, M508, W1678).
The problem only appears when trying to configure tags of type W that contain A, B, C, D, E, F and whose extension is equal to or greater than four digits, example W15B4 or W187F, I hope you can help me.

Are the other tags that you’re able to read from successfully also 32 bit floats?

Hi Tim, trying to explain better my problem, the tags WF160F and WF1608 are mirrors that came from two type A machine but only WF1608 can be added successfully, and the same with the tags W15A1(cant be added) mirror of W1590 (successfully added).



Could you get me a backup.tar file of the device with support files included?