Problem in bridge mode with PEAP authentication

Hi there,

I’m in the testing phase of your Anybus Bolt product and I experience a problem when I connect the Bolt to our Entreprise Wifi.

I’m setting up the Bolt in bridge mode with an authentication Peap and a username/domain/password sequence.
I can see the Bolt connected to the our Wifi (Aerohive management console). I can connect to the configuration interface through the IP address provided by our DHCP server. The DHCP relay is activate on all interfaces so I plug a pc to the Ethernet port of the Bolt and it receives an IP address too.

The problems start here. The connection is very slow (as low as 0.5Mbps upload and download from the pc) and the ping is so high: about 250ms from LAN (idle) and 2s or 3s or lose of packets when I do an internet speedtest on the pc.

For information, the PCs connected to the same AP have a great connection. The RSSI is about -55 dbm. The firmware is 2.04.04. I also test on another AP in our factory and I got the same problem.

And to finish, I’ve test the Bolt alway in bridge mode but on my smartphone with AP mode on / WPA2 and speed and ping are OK.

Did you already heard about problems with Bolt connected to Wifi Entreprise PEAP?

Thank you in advance

Kind regards

Hello Damien,

there are for my knowledge no known issues in relation to the peap authentication that creates a behaviour like you have discribed.

This looks for me more like a traffic or a topology problem.

Could you please provide me a short topology overview and the assigned IP-Adresses?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards