Problem whit the communication between s7 1215 and CANopen device


the connection between the plc (s7 1215C) and the relyon device work (picture below),
my problem is that i dont get any data sent or received from the device.

i am use the siemens canopen demo file (V15)
i belief that i got something wrong in the siemens programm


It looks like you are trying to configure the CM CANOpen to be a CANOpen master. Have you followed these instructions? Are you seeing any activity on the Bus? Any errors?

It also looks like you are using try to configure the slave as a CiA-401 generic I/O device. Do you have the option to use CiA-301?

no i dont see any activity on the bus, there is no red led falshing on the CM modul. (see pic 3)
yes de CM CANOpen is configured as master, should it be a slave?
yes i followed the instructions, i think i missed something else it would work right?

i am not sure if i can use CiA-301
i just loade the EDS-File of the device and it was set to CiA-401

Can you provide the EDS file you are using?

PS2000.EDS (14.2 KB)

Thank you. I don’t think the CiA version is the issue - can you create a case at so that it can be escalated to the IXXAT team? They will be able to take a closer look at the issue.

My colleague in Germany is available to do a Teamviewer session now to troubleshoot the issue if you are available.

ok thank you, can i get his e-mail? so i can make a appointment

Hi @Schoen,

He should have reached out to you last week. Can you confirm?


sorry, yes i can confirm