Problem with London Electronics Large display S1754-B1-1-Profibus

Our customer ordered display S1754-B1-1-Profibus from London Electronics. They tried to commission it but without success.

Now I tested devices also with test equipment but no success.

Unlike old displays, this new one came with external Anybus-device.

We are testing device with test equipment S7-300.

Could you help us to configure Anybus-device?

We are able to give the address and connect with Anybus device with programming cable. Just not sure what parameters to set.

Hello @SakariOllikainen,

We can help answer questions you have regarding the setup but I am not sure we will be able to tell you what parameters to set. I recommend checking with the company that provided the device on their equipment. Have you looked at any of the user guides and application notes on the anybus site There is a dedicated application note for step 7.


Hello Deryck,

I already found manual attached in your previous email. But thank you for these tips.

Problem is that I emailed to London Electronics about this problem, but their answer was that they have lost some engineer recently from their company and there are no more skilled persons
to assist me with my case.

I noticed that in their old panels they have also used integrated (inside display housing) Anybus-card. But none of their manual have any description about communication.

I asked this from you because maybe you company has assisted London Electronic to build their communication with Anybus-cards/devices. Maybe someone has description on communication

We are investigating also customer system to find out how communication has been build from automation system. But system is old and it takes time.

In testproject I have configured Anybus in Step7 HW and it is Online OK. But when I write data to outputs (4 words Out), I see no data in Anybus-device.

I can send some screenshots next time when I’m onsite.

Best regards

Sakari Ollikainen



Hi @SakariOllikainen,

I can answer specific questions but this device was setup by London Electronics, I am not going to know how they set it up or how they expect it to be used. What is the article number of the anybus device in use?


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