Problem with SENDMAIL via M2Web

Hi all,

i am trying to send a mail via the M2Web API.
For this I currently use the call

As “pattern” i have used the example with SENDSMS "0479565656,gsm,0","MessageToSend"&t2maccount=

Unfortunately I do not get an email or an error message when I send it.
I have also already set the parameters in brackets SENDMAIL (“Email TO”, “Email CC”, “Subject”, “Message”), but unfortunately this also brought no success.
Does anyone here have an idea how the call should look like or how I can send an email?


Have you already setup the SMTPrelay to use

Yes … I configured it like below …

And i wrote a short basic script to test the configuration.
When the script is triggered, an email is sent.
With this I think that the configuration should fit …

I found the error - was sitting in front of the screen …
Firstly, there was a rotation in my DeveloperID and secondly, brackets are not required.
The call works this way:

  • …ExeScriptForm?Command1=SENDMAILYour Email,"",Test subject,Test body”&t2maccount=…