Problem with the ircall.bin file




I have several flexy 205 and 202 that work with a Topkapi scada from Areal and quite often there are errors in data downloads.

We found a temporary solution by deleting the ircall.bin file on the Flexy.
I would like to know why it happens and how to prevent it from happening again.

here is an example of Logs on my scada error 550 seems to come from Flexy:

2019/10/06 17:08:00.568 Lecture fichier ircall.biTextn

2019/10/06 17:08:00.569 $dtHL $ftB $st27092019_234001 $et_0

2019/10/06 17:08:00.570 >>> PORT 10,10,18,14,192,154

2019/10/06 17:08:00.572 <<< 200 PORT command OK.Text

2019/10/06 17:08:00.573 >>> RETR $dtHL $ftB $st27092019_234001 $et_0

2019/10/06 17:08:00.576 <<< 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for ‘/$dtHL $ftB $st27092019_234001 $et_0’

2019/10/06 17:08:04.088 <<< 550 Download error.



Can you provide a back up with support files of the unit?

Are you trying to download infomration from the Topkapi to the Flexy? Or the Flexy to Topkapi?



Topkapi sends a command and the Flexy responds with the error message 550.




The only errors I see on with the event log and real time log is the following:

25112 [ERROR] variable not found (16) 112 : TEST_TAG@ = MODBUS_BATTERIE@*0.1

The error logs that you posted, were those from the Topkapi software?



Yes are those of the software Topkapi, which informs us that he receives this error message from Flexy.



We do not have any information regarding the Topkapi software, nor do we have any documentation regarding errors. The error number you generated does not correspond to any error’s that appear on the device logs.

Does the Topkapi docmenation give any insight on what that error may be?



The Topkapi documentation does not mention this error, but it is an FTP error and this is what this code represents { 550 — Requested action not taken. File unavailable (eg, file not found, no access).}



What file are you trying to retrieve from the unit?

I tried looking at the code that you submitted, and I do not see any file being created by the script.



The Topkai scada is trying to download what is in the file.


If you deleted that file, then I would advise doing a restore through ebuddy. The orignal files will come back.


If we delete this file the download of data resumes normally, we want to know what is the cause of this error.


Can you create the export block within the Flexy itself?

Once you are able too, can you FTP into the device from your PC and download the file?


I understand, he’ll have to export the data in a script and I telecharcharges on my PC to kes you envouer, the Flexy that will make the command instead Topkapi?
Do you have a script that allows you to do it?

Can you give me more detail?


You can find the process and script in the post below:


Hi Kevin,

I continue the discussion with you because my colleague is not available the next days.
I do not understand the link between the FTP and the problem! our SCADA (Topkapi de Areal) has its own protocol for communicating with the Flexy, Topkapi is impoting the data from the historical data. it was observed that after a few days Topkapi stops importing the data and when we delete the ircall.bin file in the Flexy the problem disappears.

what is the maximum size this file can reach? what does Flexy do when the size of this file becomes very important?


The max file size would be around 20MB, which is the size of the USR folder. What is the file size of the IRCALL file?

I am not familier with the SCADA protocol that you are using. Have you reached out to Topkapi regarding the problem?


We did not contact Arial for this problem because we thought the problem was on the Flexy.

I checked the size of the file ircall.bin for 3 Flexy in default and for all these Flexy the size is 4214 KB, is that normal?

ircall (168).bin (4.1 MB)
ircall (167).bin (4.1 MB)
ircall (166).bin (4.1 MB)


Those are very normal sizes, and considerably small.

Try to reach out to Arial as for the protocol. The flexy device is not sending the error 500 that you are seeing in the Topkapi software. That error code must be generated within the software, and therefore has it’s own meaning


Ok I will check with Areal, but it is not strange for you that all this files have the same size? why when we remove this file all be fine?


Hi @samifaidi

Kevin is out this week so I’ll work on this ticket for now. It looks like the sizes are not the exact same, but are very close. Since these are Binary files that we’re modifying, I’d imagine that there isn’t a very large change occurring between these 3 files.