Process Image confusion


I am using the CM CanOpen module for S7-1200 with a Bürkert 8742 Massflowmeter.
I used the Configuration tool and loaded the config file to the CM module.
I reduced the Process Picture to TPOD only, the ESD file is for both, MassFlowController and Meter.
But I don’t send anything because I have the meter.

The strange thing is that it works only with one data point.

The CanOpen bus is working, all leds are green.

I use the GetProcessDatain FC
I see the Data but only one Point makes sense, partly a least.

The Totalizer shows me 4.316207E-07

In Fact the value is 4.316207E-04

But there are too many numbers right so i have my Sensor data somehow.
What do I miss here?


Every push in the right direction is highly appreciated.



Hi @PascalU,

Can you view the data as the individual bytes? The PLC appears to be showing them as REAL data type. If we could see what the actual data is, then we could see if possibly the endianness (byte order) is not correct. I think that the PLC uses Big Endian, and the CM CANopen use Little Endian.

You can change the type conversion in the Api_UpdatePIInData & Api_UpdatePIOutData in

CM CANopen | Get Process Data In/Out" (Big Endian <=> Little Endian)

Best Regards,