PROFIBUS Master Simulator be used to change state so that slave may react to new changes in Input Data

I have an Anybus x-gateway and a PROFIBUS Master Simulator. I am able to write to the simulator with our software application and see changes, but i need to be able to change one of the registers in the input data to test how the system will work once installed. Is there any way to update the information in the Input Data Column. I see I can update the Output Data column within the Master Simulator, but this information does not make it back when i do a Modbus read from our application. Is there someone who can explain why i am unable to do what i need to do. Maybe it must be done another way? Thank you.


I do not really understand the application. Can you please elaborate on the setup or provide some sort of diagram?

In general you would not change the input data on the software side because this is data to be read from the PROFIBUS slave device. Changing the input data would be overwritten by a process data update anyway.

Our application fills the data show in the input data column on the right. The other system sees that there is a 1 in position 41 so it reads all the input data and in this case makes a change of 25 because there is a 25 in position 4. Our system reads this information for a configured amount of time. When the other system has made the change, it then writes a 2 at position 43 which my systems needs to see during the read. My system then knows it may continue with the next request. Thank you again.


What is your application? Is this a device on the PROFIBUS network or some software you have made that is also hosted on this PC? You would not ever be able to write data to the input table in the PROFIBUS simulator software. In general input data is always read only because it only comes from the PROFIBUS slave device.

I have a test pc which is connected to the Anybus via tcpip. On an install the other side of the Anybus is connected to a printing press, but right now it is connect to my personal pc using the Master Simulator connector. I believe that the press is the Master. My application (The slave, sorry i’m new to all of this, so i hope i have this right) sends a Modbus message which fills the input parameters as you see in the image on my last post. So i think what i need to know is how can i update the data via the simulator so that when my software does a read, it sees the 2 and may continue on. Or in other words how does the reply from the press in the real world get back to my software. Thank you again.

Can you please tell me the part number of the X-gateway you are using?

It may be easier to make a diagram showing your connections and devices.

Yes, Anybus x-gateway article number: AB7634-F

My test system:
Application PC -> tcpip -> Anybus X-gateway -> MasterSimulator Connector -> Personal System

In the real world system:
Application PC -> tcpip -> Anybus X-gateway -> RS232 -> Profibus network to a printing press

The image below is a description from the protocol from the press vendor, that I am using to communicate with the press, so i need to read the value at 42 in this image and if is a 2, i then know that the command made it through. Is there some way I can simulate this type of acknowledgment using the master simulator? Thank you again.

The PROFIBUS master simulator does not perform any logic like a PLC, so there is not really a way to automate this kind of behavior.

Ok, thank you. Do you know of any existing software tools that would do this?

Thank you again.

Unfortunately I am not familiar with another windows based application like this. Perhaps Siemens offers some sort of soft PLC application for Windows?

It is most common to use a PROFIBUS PLC for this kind of setup.

Ok, thank you for all of your help.

Thank you.

No problem, have a nice day!