PROFIBUS Master Simulator software not detecting converter tool

We recently purchased a PROFIBUS Master Simulator tool (Order Code - 017505 (PROFIBUS-DP/DPV1)). I have tried connecting the tool to a Windows 10 PC running the PROFIBUS Master Simulator software using both the serial and USB ports. Both ways, I get the “No or wrong PROFIBUS Converter connected!” error when attempting Easy Start.

I am not sure how to correct this as I have already checked that the correct COM port is selected in settings for either connection method. Does there need to be a slave device already configured on the Profibus network for the converter to be recognized? I have also tried connecting the converter to the Profibus network and PC simultaneously despite there being no slaves configured yet, but this had no effect.

Hi @ajsmegner ,

for the easy start the devices may need to be already configured. You will also want to make sure there is 5v bus power for the device. Without this the dongle is not powered.



Just to clarify, is the pinout diagram you shared for the Profibus or COM end of the connector?

That is a diagram for a profibus connector.

Check for 5V between pin 6 and 5.