Profibus red MS LED

In Anybus x-gateway profibus having ms led red,what can be root cause and what can be solution, please help

A solid RED LED for the MS of the Profibus master indicated it is in stop mode.
You may have the control word enabled and need to switch the device into RUN.

How to switch the device into run,can you share your contact no.?? Is it possible for you to connect the system online and suggest the troubleshooting

You can submit a support case to . This will put you in touch with a local support team. Your local distributor who you purchased the device from may also be able to help.

see section 2.4 of the X-gateway user guide for details on the control/status word.

Additional documentation.

But this is profibus to contronet device and set operating mode is not available,please help

Can you share the device article number?

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Michael Yancey

@deryck_hms article no. is AB7803-F MASTER is PROFIBUS and ControlNet is Slave and it is connected to Allen Bradley PLC, we are able to connect anybus with laptop but ‘set operating mode’ is not getting highlighted and Red LED in ms is still glowing, please help how to resolve it , how to do it in run mode.

Hello @manish_kumar ,

Try connecting to the device with ACM x-gateway and disabling the control/status word. This will automatically put the device in run mode.

For further in-depth trouble shooting you will want to reach out to your local support team by opening a case on