Profinet /ethernetIP / EtherCat substitution

Hello, I am in trouble with EtherCat compactcom 30 module.
We use our device mainly with ABCC profinet card inside where we use 8 16bit words input and 8 16bit words output cyclic read/write. Years ago we try change card to EthernetIP module without any changes of firmware etc. and it worked perfectly. Now we have another chalenge to switch to EtherCat. I have tryed to connect to module and configure EDS file etc. but it doesn’t work as we expected. To be honest I am confused from adressing in Ethercat protocol a bit. It is the very first playing with Ethercat.
I used EDS generator to make a file, but I was supprised it found only 8 words DO RxPDO-Map but nothing concerning to DI TxPDO-Map. I am not sure that is the right way to make it working or do you have any sugestions how to proceed? Profinet card is AB6215-B, EtherCat AB6216-B

Sorry I mean ESI file and ESI generator…


For an issues that requires lower level programming of the compactcom module, we advise that you submit a case on our Support site. You will be in contact with your local Support team, and they will be able to assist you more efficiently.

You can submit your case at

OK thank you