Profinet GSD generator tool unable to find module


Hello, I have here a device fitted with what I believe is a CompactCom Profinet module. The module reports itself as ABCC-PRT (2-Port) to Tia portal. Using the HMS PROFINET GSD generator tool (V1.4.3.0) if I click on “Scan” I get a progress bar with the message “Searching for module…” for a few seconds then a message box “Unable to find any module”.

Wireshark shows the module is sending an LLDP multicast packet about every 5 seconds but nothing else. I can also see LLDP multicast packets from my laptop but nothing which appears to be related to the GSD generator tool’s scan.

Any help with this would be appreciated.




Hi Ian,

Can you describe the connection you have between your laptop running the GSD Generator tool and the ABCC-PRT module? Is this directly connected with an Ethernet cable, or something else? Are you able to ping the IP address of the ABCC-PRT module from your laptop?


Hi Jon,

My laptop and the ABCC-PRT module are both plugged into a cheap

Netgear switch. I am able to ping it and both TIA Portal and Simatic
manager can find the device. I have also tried connecting directly
with a crossover cable which didn’t work either. I have another
device with an ABS-PRT module which the GSD generator also fails to

Both OEM's have now provided gsd files so the devices are working

but I would still like to have the GSD generator working (for next

I'm working on a different job for the next two weeks so won't be

able to try anything else until 1st October.





Hi Ian,

OK if you are working with an OEM device that happens to use the Anybus modules in them you would need to contact the OEM to get the GSD file. They may have restricted the use of the GSD Generator tool because that tool is intended for the OEMs to use. Also, the tool only works with the very latest Anybus modules known as the Anybus CompactCom 40-series. So it wouldn’t work with the Anybus-S you have, and I’m not sure if the ABCC-PRT that was reported is an older 30-series or 40-series.


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