Profinet IO

Hello Anybus,
I am working with Article# AB7650-F.
I am struggling to get the Profinet side of the gateway working properly.
This is a slave / slave configuration. The Modbus side is working. Can you give me some direction on the Siemens Tag and addressing side?
I have been using the SCM-1202-052 1.0 application note.
Any way I can send some pics?

Have you been able to add the device in Siemens?

What have you done so far for connecting the profinet side of the unit?

Hello Kevin,

Any help is appreciated.

I have the Anybus in the Siemens project.

I am not sure about how my Siemens TAGS get associated with the Gateway.




Hello Greg,

You will need add the IO data size in TIA portal, and match it with the total IO sizes in the Gateway.

Example: Gateway Input 28 Output 28
Tia Portal: Profinet Input 8 Byte+8 Byte+8Byte+4 Byte Output 8 Byte+8 Byte+8Byte+4 Byte

Documentaiton Example:

Input and Output modules can now be added from the hardware catalog to match the data
sizes set in Anybus X-gateway — in this example, 10 bytes input and 3 bytes output.
Drag an Input 008 bytes and an Input 002 bytes module from the hardware catalog into
the Device overview list to configure 8+2 = 10 input bytes.
Drag an Output 002 bytes and an Output 001 bytes module into the Device overview list
to configure 2+1 = 3 output bytes.

Then you will create your tags in Profinet with the size restrictions that you set on the IO.

Hi Kevin,

I had some of this stuff working, but was having trouble getting my TIA portal TAG outputs to connect to the correct Modbus addresses.



Were you able to resolve the issue with TIA?