Profinet licensing


Dear Sir:

We purchased a license for Profinet simulator. Ideally, we would have wanted to install it on a Windows 10 machine, but there are other applications that we use that won’t run on Windows 10, so we are thinking of using a Windows 7 machine at the moment.

If we do this, we are worried that since this license is for a single PC, we won’t be able to reinstall it when the time comes that we would have to use a Windows 10 machine. How exactly would the licensing work in this case?

You assistance is greatly appreciated.


Socrates Carelo




Here’s what I found for the licensing info.


I beleive you will need to first uninstall the software on the orignal PC to then re-register on the new device but I am waiting on verification. When you re-register you will need to enter in all the information identical to the previous installation, this includes spaces and capalizations for email, name, company name, etc. After the first registration you would have received an email with this info.


Technically you can install the very same license on up to 3 computers at the same time if you use the very exact same name and coupon code as on the initiall install/download of the installer.
I.e. that is what you do when you transfer the license, install it on the second computer with the exact same information, then you are required to uninstall on the previous computer to not breach the terms of the license. Keep in mind the license can only be used 3 times.