ProfiNet Master Simulator User Guide

I just bought ProfiNet Master Simulator and got much help from Support to get the Simulator to run on my PC. (Needed to disable Anti-virus.) I think that I have the configuration correct because the slave shows green LEDs and the bar at the bottom of the Simulator app is green. I do not understand the layout of the I/O and Parameter windows. A User Guide for the Simulator would help. Is there such a document?

Hello @Dang,

I could not find any user manual provided by hms for the simulator. It is a rebranded simulator from Bihl + Wiedemann so any documentation from them should be useful with our version. I am reaching out to my colleagues to see if they have any documentation that we can provide.



I apologize for the inconvenience but I could not find a manual for the simulator. The best user manual is going to be the Help guide within the software.

I can help with any questions you have. What in particular do you need help with regarding the IO window?