Profinet plc not connecting


Hi Conner,

You can reach me at this topic if you have any additional questions.


Hello Deryk!

Can you please give me a call at my mobile device? It’s an emergency. The device still isn’t working with the PLC after all of that. A replacement device is weeks out because of an inventory issue from the manufacturer. Need to understand what other options we have.




Hi Conner,

I just tried to reach you on your mobile but it went to Voice mail. I left a message with a number to reach me give me a call back. If you are just looking to check inventory and what would be necessary to get a new device you can call inside sales for assistance 3128290601. If they are in stock in the US they should be able to get you one next day. If not the order will need to go though Sweden and usually take 2-4 days.