Profinet StationName restrictions

Hi experts,

some of our customers using non-HMS Profinet fieldbus interfaces have station names starting with ‘+++’. This seems to be not supported by Anybus CompactCom (Network Configuration Object 0x4, Instance #20, Station Name : “…Labels consist of [a-z, 0-9, -]…”). We made tests using PRONETA tool which generates an unusual string, see attached screenshot. Our visualized result showing ‘xnxnxn123…’, obviously replacing the ‘+’ by ‘xn’ is also traceable by Wireshark.
My question is if there is any possibility how to manage such special characters in a different way?

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Hello @ThomasK,

My understanding is that Special characters are not allowed for the station names according to the profinet spec.

  1. The device name must not be longer than 240 characters. The following characters are permitted:
  • Lower-case letters “a” to “z”
  • Numbers “0” to “9”
  • Hyphen or period