Publish MQTT Error


I am using Basic IDE to publish MQTT messages. My script works fine and the broker is able to receive all the published messages. However, it keeps showing this error message each time the code is being executed. You have any idea what is this and how can I get rid of it?

Operation Failed: MQTT “PUBLISH”, “/Demo/Flexy/” + SerNum$ + “/MODBUS/AI0”, value_AI1$, 1,0


Hi Maryam,

Where are you seeing the error?




In the Basic IDE, as the program being executed. Please see below:



Hi Maryam,

If you send me the code I can take a look at it.



Kyle ,

Please see attached.

TankPump+Basic+Errors.txt (2.86 KB)


Try changing QoS from 1 to 0 and see if you still get:
old: MQTT “PUBLISH”, “/Demo/Flexy/” + SerNum$ + “/MODBUS/AI0”, value_AI1_E2$, 1,0
new: MQTT “PUBLISH”, “/Demo/Flexy/” + SerNum$ + “/MODBUS/AI0”, value_AI1_E2$, 0,0



I changed the QoS to 0. It is still the same.


Do you have any IO Servers setup that aren’t connected to anything?