Pull the cellular modem RSSI / signal level into a memory tag?

Is it possible to set up a tag in a Flexy to show the RSSI / cell signal on the modem? And maybe some kind of status as well?


Could you clarify what you mean by status?

To create and update a tag depending on the modem’s signal strength, you can perform the following steps:

  1. Create a MEM tag. In my example, I’ve used “SigStrength”
  2. In the INIT SECTION, set a timer for how often you’d like to check and set the signal strength to the tag. I’ve done 60 seconds and used Timer 3.
TSET 3,60
ONTIMER 3, "goto SetSigStrength"
  1. Create a new section and load the code below. You can customize it however you’d like.
    // Get GSM Signal stat parameter
    PRINT "Modem signal strength is "; S$
    // Convert to integer
    S% = FCNV S$, 30, 0, "%d"
    // Set tag to S%
    SigStrength@ = S%

As far as status goes, it really depends if you want the status of the modem or the status of the VPN connection. The second option will depend on if the eWON is set up with a permanent or triggered connection.

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Thanks for the script! That’s exactly what I was looking for.

As far as status, I’m referring to modem status. I believe it shows up herewhile the modem is initializing, or if the modem doesn’t have a connection:image

Or maybe it’s in the Network section in place of the signal level. Can’t remember.

Hmm, that is a good question. I can’t look through these particular stats on my test eWON because it doesn’t have a cellular card – would you be able to private message me a backup of the eWON so that I could look through it and give you a better answer?

Okay, a backup with support files was reaching over 30MB and after a long time of downloading the eWON went offline momentarily so the backup didn’t complete. I’m doing a regular backup instead, hope that’s okay.

I’m wondering if a backup with support files over cellular is impossible… The signal level is a steady 26-27


I will have to verify, but I do not believe there is a parameter that we can pull to check the status of the modem. The parameter “ModemInitStr” from the comcfg.txt will display if the modem is initializing, or other AT commands. You could use a script to print the contents of this parameter, but it would not be able to be stored in a tag. Additionally, as long as the signal strength is there, you would know that the modem is up and running.

What is the maximum GSM signal strength number?