Purge Historical String Logs from BASIC

It seems that the ERASE #ircall does not purge the histstr log files. I’m able to purge all string and non-string historical logs by selecting Format all files | Typing in a password | Pressing Update.

Is there a BASIC command or another way via the GUI to automate this? For example, I have a tag that goes to true, I want to erase ircall and histstr both in particular. If it’s required to purge all the event logs and such too to purge the histstr historical logs, that will work too.

Hi PJ,

I’m looking into this now, I’ll let you know what I find out


Hi PJ,

I was just talking with my colleague on this and unfortunately it looks like we currently don’t have a way to delete the historical logs of string tags without also deleting the event logs.

He did want me to send you this though if you wanted to do it through the BASIC section instead of using the gui.

Params$ = “/rcgi.bin/EditSystemForm?MainSysPage=FMT&edFormatPassword=adm&cbFormatAllPart=0&cbFormatSys=0&cbFormatUsr=0&cbConfigSys=0&cbProgramSys=0&cbFormatPcm=0&cbEraseIrc=1&cbEraseEvent=0&cbEraseAlm=0&cbClearPendUnact=0”
GETHTTP “adm:adm@”, “/usr/response.txt”, Params$ => can be

That’s the equivalent of using this button

Are you saying that running “ERASE "#ircall"” really does all that behind the scenes? I thought equivalent of erasing all tag historical logs only that are not strings was ERASE "#ircall" from BASIC as literally that’s what you use to automate the cleaning.

This long command looks dangerous so I might poke through the API documents to ensure I understand parameter and what the passed value does as ConfigSys, etc. look a little concerning to run without understanding yourself.

Can you ask Simon and the development team that there is a feature enhancement for future firmware release requested to please make available a BASIC command equivalent to ERASE "#ircall" to handle wiping string historical tag logs?

I’ll see what I can test with this at some point and follow up. I appreciate you finding that for me as a potential workaround to keep the logs from filling the entire disk partition or log or whatever the histstr string tags are saved to when recorded.

I’m not sure if ERASE “#ircall” is doing this all behind the scenes, but I think that the code Simon sent over is meant to act as an equivalent to that button. I’ll ask them and see if they’re able to add in an ERASE histstr command in the BASIC IDE but I’m not sure how long that would take to implement

I totally understand, just want to get it on the customer feature wish list with Simon and crew if nothing else.

I’m not expecting it to available anytime extra soon so no worries. I’ll follow up once I read up and figure out how I want to test the param set and http with basic logic as provided.

Thanks for the information and I will follow up as soon as I get some results and test.

I just talked with him and he put it in the wishlist for development to work on, but it may be some time before the feature is implemented.

Thanks for letting us know about this, I think this may have just been an overlooked feature

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Can you help me find the doc I should be reading that talks about these parameters by chance? I did some testing a few days back and did not have the results I expected but I’m not certain if it’s an issue with the eWON I’m testing with though.

I’d like to be able to read up on the params and values if possible and curious if you knew which document if available I should be reading.

Hi PJ,

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like there’s any manual for these parameters. I was trying to find out where he was able to get the code to do this but haven’t found anything yet. He may have done a wireshark capture when he did the push button to get the information and then copied it into BASIC, but I haven’t been able to verify that yet. The person that wrote this code for me is unfortunately out on vacation until Monday, but I can try and check with him when he gets back