I am having some troubles using PUTFTP function. I am using the next script:

  body$ = "Mensaje generado manualmente... &[$dtHT $flB $st" + Fecha_Inicio$ + "_000000 $et" + Fecha_Final$ + "_000000 $fnDatos_GAS_CAUDAL" +  ".csv ]"

PUTFTP Nombre_Fichero$,body$,ServidorFTP$

I have not any errors but the FTP Client is not receiving any file.

Do you know whats the problem??

Thank you

I made a mistake.


Yes. The IP is the required portion to make the FTP connection.

I am glad you were able to resolve, please let us know if you have any other question.

No no, the issue is not solved. With that code I have no errors but I am not receiving any file in the FTP server.


 body$ = "Mensaje generado manualmente... &[$dtHT $flB $st" + Fecha_Inicio$ + "_000000 $et" + Fecha_Final$ + "_000000 $fnDatos_GAS_CAUDAL" +  ".csv ]"

PUTFTP Nombre_Fichero$,body$,ServidorFTP$

Is the actively on the Flexy unit? Or are you generating the file while trying to FTP?

Yes is generating the file. I know because I am sending that file via email.

Email_Manual_Caudal@ = xxxxx@gmail.com
subject$ = “Monitorización consumo de gas natural.
body$ = “Mensaje generado manualmente… &[$dtHT $flB $st” + Fecha_Inicio$ + “_000000 $et” + Fecha_Final$ + “_000000 $fnDatos_GAS_CAUDAL” + “.csv ]”
SENDMAIL Email_Destinatario_Manual$, “”, subject$, body$
ArchivoFTP$ = “[$dtHT $flB $st” + Fecha_Inicio$ + “_000000 $et” + Fecha_Final$ + “_000000 $fnDatos_GAS_CAUDAL” + “.csv ]”
PUTFTP Nombre_Fichero$,ArchivoFTP$,ServidorFTP$

Hi Kevin, Do you know how can I solve the problem??
Thank you


Can you provide a backup with support files?

For the scheduled actions, do you see the file sent from the Flexy. If it is being sent from the flexy, can you verify that the FTP client is able to connect to the flexy.


Thank you for the backup. Were you able to verify that the FTP client is connecting to the Flexy?

Did you also see the scheduled actions the FTP client was sent out?

What FTP client are you using?

Any update on this issue?

Hi Kevin.

I tried sending to a external FTP client and the status code appeared in scheduled actions is 24003.

After that, I tried to send to the FTP client of the Flexy. And the status code appeared is 24017.

Do you have any report about the different status codes?

Thank you


We do not have documentation on the FTP request status codes. What were the descriptions of the status codes?

If you use Filezilla to make a connection with the eWON are you able to establish a connection?

Hello Kevin,

Yes I am able to establish connection with FileZilla.
This is the description:

The first FTP Put is when I send to a external client and the second FTP Put is when I send to the local FTP server.


Let me discuss this with some of my associates to see if we can find the problem.


Okay, thank you