I am creating web application which communicates with eWON. On my development server (http) it all worked fine but when i uploaded it to live server (https) it stopped working. My goal is to save some data to DB with PUTHTTP.

I am using:

PUTHTTP “https://app.spl.com”,"/frontend/tags/save_tags",“companyid=97”,"",“failed”

This was working fine with:

PUTHTTP “http://wbo.development”,"/frontend/tags/save_tags",“companyid=97”,"",“failed”

What can i do to make it work please?

I found only this https://tools.ewonsupport.biz/post/ where is written, that for https there should be some certificate. Is this the solution for my problem? If so, where can I find this certificate directory to add it?

Thank you very much for your help.

Is this your own site without recognized/registered certificates? You might need to load your custom certificates onto the flexy. The following doc should help.

GET / PUT HTTPS request using BASIC Script or Java (windows.net)