PV800 Download Fails

I used to be able to download new programs to my Allen Bradley PV800 2711R-T7T that is connected to a Cosy 131. Now it is useless. I looked at older posts of people that had similar issues and I tried them all. Now I am stuck with no options.
Cosy firmware 14.5 s0
PV800 firmware 6.011
Connected Components v13
Panelview component designstation v12.1

In General, two things that I have seen help to resolve issues downloading to AB Panel Views are:

  1. Increasing the timeout in your CCv13 software. The software is used to being directly connect to the PV and now it’s going over the internet through a VPN tunnel which is slower.

  2. Changing the VPN from a UDP tunnel to a TCP tunnel. In Setup > System > Storage > Edit COM cfg find and change the following settings:

    VPNProto = 1
    VPNPortOut = 443

Then log out of eCatcher and click “Settings” on the log in page. Go to “Connection & Proxy Settings” and select TCP then OK. Now log back in and try again.