I would like to know if there are issues with the eCatcher server? We are not able to connect to the Ewons we have?


The Talk2M access server is currently down and a patch is being implemented. As of 16:20 UTC+2 we expect it to take no more then 3 hours for services to return as normal. Status updates can be found on the HMS.HOW homepage banner or at the ewon status page located here: https://websupport.ewon.biz/support/talk2m-status


How was it communicated that there would be an outage? We need to ensure that we are informing our customers when this could/would happen.

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Do we have a heartbeat alarm strategy?

Pro account has the ability to send admins an email alarm when a device has been down for a chosen amount of time but we do not currently have an implementation of this for if a server is down.

We update the banner on HMS.HOW when an incident occurs, but we do that manually and the information we provide in the banner is pulled from eWON Status page. This is currently the best way of obtaining information on service interruptions due to server incidents.

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