Question on IntesisBox ME-AC-WMP1 with VERA

client has the following question after installing ME-AC-WMP-1 with VERA control system:
One small issue: all our Mitsubishi units have external temperature sensors to measure the temperature from the rooms rather than from the return ducts. It seems that the Intensis modules however are still reading the return duct temperature sensors. Could you please ask the Intensis techs if they are familiar with what I am talking about, and if there is a setting somewhere to make them read the external sensor temperature values?
Here are the units in the residence:

many thanks
Ellen Giuffrida

Hello Ellen,

I will review the unit documentation to determine where the reference temperature is reading from.

greetings - do you expect to have an answer soon for the client?
thanks again for your help.

Hello Ellen,

My apologies on the late reply. I was out of the office for most of last week. SInce the device is reading the information directly from the AC unit, the reference temperature is designated by that AC Unit.

Is the return air duct thermostat tied into the cabling between the AC unit and the wifi unit?

Hello Kevin – the client states that readings are from external temperature sensors, not thermostats – and the Intesis units appear to be reading the return duct
sensor, and not the room sensor.



How is the connection set up between the AC and the sensors? The WMP module only pulls from the AC unit. There isn’t a way to set the location for where the Intesis unit pulls the temperature from. It only pulls it from the AC.