Questions about ewon Netbiter EC360 and Netbiter Argos

Hello, I’ve some questions about the Netbiter EC360 and Netbiter Argos.

Where are stored phone numbers? In the Netbiter EC360 or in the cloud Argos ? And if the system goes offline, can it still send alarm SMS/mail ?

Can we send Argos stored datas in an anothers cloud service like AWS ?

Is there a compatibility between Argos and Flexy 205 ?

Thank for your response

HESSE Maxime

Hi Maxime,

  • Argos can send out emails that alert you if the system goes offline. (See page 42/102) in the doc below. But if you’re asking if the EC360 will require internet access to send out emails/sms.

  • Phone number are stored locally on the device and not in Argos.

  • I was a little confused on your wording of this one “Can we send Argos stored datas in an anothers cloud service like AWS?”. Are you asking if Argos can send data to another cloud server or if another server can send cloud data to Argos?

  • The flexy uses the Data Mailbox instead of Argos

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Thank you for your quick response!

Yes I was asking if we can transfer the data stored on Argos to an another cloud server like AWS ?
(Sorry for the bad English :slight_smile: )

Hi Maxime,

No worries, just wanted to make sure I was answering the right question, it looks like this should be possible though

Hi Tim,

Thank you
For the offline system question, I was asking if the EC360 will require Internet access to send out at least a SMS if an alarm occurs during the Internet interruption ?

For the Flexy and DataMailbox, is it possible to transfer the data on DataMailbox to Argos ?

Best regards

Hi Maxime,

Unfortunately if the device isn’t showing online in our server it won’t be able to send out SMS messages. As long as there’s a strong internet connection where the device is located though, that should be an issue.

As for transfer of data between the DataMailbox and Argos, this is something that may be possible through the API but it may be difficult to implement (we don’t have anything developed for this to use as a reference). You’ll need to parse the received information to properly grab and handle the data.

I did see that it looks like the flexy is able to post to something like Microsoft Azure and that Argos also seems to support Azure. So maybe something could be worked out there