Quick Connect Unable to Contact Server

My remote monitoring team woke up today to find that QuickConnect is unable to contact server. We all use windows 10 but are running on various networks since we are working remote. Any help would be appreciated since we have over 60 sites that we are unable to maintain at this time. This was also working yesterday so is there something the broke since it is now the 1st of a new month?


Was there a Windows update, security update, or new software installed on the company computers? You may want to check with IT.

Can you check in ‘Control Panel \ Network and Internet \ Network Connections’ that you have a TAP-Windows Adapter V9 named “QuickConnect Network Bridge”?


QuickConnect Network Bridge is setup correctly.
It has been about 15 days since our last Windows Updates.

We have found that we can access QuickConnect login page via this URL and connect to the server through a browser.

It is still just the native page that is displayed in the Chromium Browser/window that opens via the QuickConnect application that is displaying what I originally posted.

Hi Scott, this does appear to be an issue with QuickConnect and we are working to get it resolved as soon as possible. As you mentioned, you can log in with the URL as a workaround for now. Deryck also posted instructions for this here:


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