QuickConnect disconnects after loading any VNC viewer

My team of 5 have started experiencing an issue with QuickConnect this week. We use the Netbiter as a network bridge. We can connect to our remote systems and SSH or run our other connection programs however anytime we try to open a VNC viewer the remote screen will start to load and then QuickConnect disconnects. This is occurring on numerous Netbiter’s and on multiple computers. We are also experiencing this same issue using different VNC clients. We have tried different Netbiter firmware and reinstalling QuickConnect and the problem persists. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Can you please navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\HMS\QuickConnect and then run ‘QuickConnect (extra logging)’ and try to connect with VNC again. After it disconnects, please share the .log file from that same directory.

I had exactly the same problem, but now it seems to be working.
I tested with 2 different Netbiters, no disconnection anymore.

Are these both using cellular connections? Which provider (VZW, ATT, etc.)?


for me no. Both were EC310. Other one connected to wired internet,
other one to 4g router.

If this is a still happening, can I please ask you to create a case by going to https://mysupport.hms.se so that it can be escalated to the Netbiter team? We will have to look at these on a case by case basis for now. Please include as much information about the problem and the configuration as possible.

I appreciate the response. This was happening on the EC310 models I tagged it for the wrong model. Like VIllePirttinokka reported this cleared up a couple days after I had posted about it. We had a couple Netbiters that did not experience this issue but the majority were. They are all hardwired with ethernet. We have over 100 out in operation so I’ll see if my team can remember what sites were having the problem and checkout the ISPs.

Great - thank you for the update and thanks in advance for any information that you can provide about the problem.