Quickconnect does not stay connected

I have the same problem. I have tried your suggested fix but it does not work for me. do you have any other suggestions

Hi Rusty,

Can you share a picture of the actual errors you are seeing and one of your tap adapters?



Please see the attached


If you are getting a white list errors you most likely do not have the VPN tunnel option setup correctly in Argos. Check you setting on netbiter.net and make sure the network bridge is enabled.


This is the web page details

What am I missing

It looks like you have it configured but never synchronized the setting to the Netbiter. image

Navigate to the Configuration tab and click the Synchronize configuration button to send to config to the Netbiter. This should resolve the whitelist error.



Can I Synchronize from a remote location or do I need to be connected directly to the netbiter.

As long as the Netbiter is online you don’t need to be directly connected to synchronize.

That is what I was expecting however when I try I get this message. The unit is showing as online

Hi Rusty,

How is this device getting a network connection? I see its an EC350 either the device is on a very slow internet connection or they are blocking some of the servers we need to access. Looking at the online status my guess is that the cellular connection is poor and we are not able to get enough data down to the device. It might be getting just enough data out to update the connection status but not to pass any more data. Can someone connect locally to the device to check the modem status?


It is connected to the factory network. We are not using the cellular connection.

You might need to verify that they are not blocking any servers we need to access then. The doc linked at the bottom will provide all the host names and servers the Netbiter needs access to.


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Hi Support team

I have an issue with quick connect on one of my laptops

When we make a connection the tunnel is established and then after 60 seconds or so or less it drop the link. Please see the attached video


what could be wrong with this laptop. The link works fine with other laptops



I would give this document to your firewall team for review.

Unfortunately, you will need to discuss this issue with your IT team. We are not able to work on client PC systems, due to liablity.