QuickConnect Logout Problem

Using Windows 10 - Latest version of QuickConnect - Having trouble logging out of the remote customer network and software in general. I usually am forced to restart my computer but most of the time that does not even work. Any ideas?

What is the name of your TAP adapter? Can you verify that it is Quick Connect Network Bridge

Yes I currently have Tap Adapter V9 #2 named as QuickConnect Network Bridge. I set this previously as I have had problems establishing a tunnel, I still have never established a Tunnel. At first I thought it was the Firmware which I updated for the customer but I still could not connect. My coworker connected with his Windows7 no problem. But for future use I would like to get everything resolve. Starting with logging out and take the next hurdle after that.

What’s the error message that you’re getting when you try to connect?

Hello Tim - I had another attempt at connecting to a customer that I know it is “System Online” but was unsuccessful. It will attempt to connect and eventually give me a computer alarm that states “Tunnel Disconnected” and it will not let me logout of QuickConnect. The software will continue to try to connect until I close the software down, disconnect in task manager, and restart my computer. I get no alarm on the software.
This morning I attempted on a different computer with windows 7 and I received similar results except I received an error in the software stating “Tunnel Establishment Error”
Any thoughts?

What is the name of the TAP adapter that you’re using for QuickConnect?

Tap Adapter V9 #2 named as QuickConnect Network Bridge

Hi @jgibler,

Can you navigate to the installation directory and launch quickconnect with the extra logging short cut. It should be located in C:\Program Files (x86)\HMS\QuickConnect assuming a standard install. After you launch it try and connect to the Netbiter. Once you have tried the connection you can get the logs from: C:\ProgramData\HMS\QuickConnect and upload them here for me to look at?