Re-connection Reliability


I am designing a product with an AP IP30 serving as the Access Point and 1-4 Bolt Ethernets as Clients. I am wirelessly streaming IP camera video to a cabin of displays.

The systems are on separate power supplies, and can be powered up at different times.

The first issue I have is if the Bolt is powered up first, and then the AP IP30 is powered up, the Bolt will never connect to it. It illuminates Purple instead of Blue. The only work around is power cycling the Bolt, which is not an easy task in our field environment.

The second issue I have is sometimes connection not being made for 10+ minutes. The Bolt illuminating Purple. This will be very frustrating to the user as there is no way to identify what is wrong and no course of action to fix it.

Are there any settings I can change to increase the reliability of re-connection?


That’s strange. Can you please provide the following info:

  1. What’s the model number of the Bolt clients? I’m assuming AWB2030 Bolt POE RJ45?
  2. This is WiFi, not Bluetooth, right? What channel (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz)?
  3. If it’s WiFi, can you make sure to disable BT or vice versa if it’s BT.
  4. Is the purple LED blinking quickly or slowly?
  5. What is the distance between the IP30 and the Bolts? Is there only the one AP?
  6. What version of firmware is running on the Bolts? Can you make sure it’s updated to 2.06.03 (Anybus Files and Documentation)?
  7. Please enable logging (for at least one of the Bolts that’s having the problem) by sending the following AT Commands:
  • ATS1013=27
  • ATS1016=2
  • ATS3007=10000
  • ATS1018=10
    To see the logs go to
    Please log the problem and send a copy of the logs. Thank you.