RE: Dispositioned MRB for Job (#) P7377M MRB (#) 21019 Supplier: AWC, Inc


Please provide tech support case, we will need for factory request.

Going to rename

Hi Lee, what seems to be the issue?


Hi Carlos,

eBuddy could neither find it nor connect to it.

Thank you. Let me know if you need anything else.



Hello everyone,

Can you take a look at the doc below for the recovery procedure and give us a call when you go through this process (312) 893-5636


Good afternoon,

For this eWon we spent some time on the phone with technical support, who was unable to resolve it. But he did suggest doing the recovery, which was attempted and did not solve the problem.

Hope that helps.


Do you know who they were doing the recovery with or if they were given a reference number for a ticket? Or do you know when the device was purchased?