RE: eWon reading incorrect tag on I/O server config change

Hi Christian,

If you edit the tag list in the Tag Generator Excel sheet, I think you need to be a bit careful about the tag ID numbers.

@HMS.How: Do you know what might be causing the behavior that Christian is describing? I’m thinking that there may be duplicate or re-used tag IDs. I can’t dig into it today since I am travelling. (Writing this from an airplane.)


I’m not quite sure I am following your issues here as described to Trevor. Are you available for a brief phone call to better describe this to me verbally?

Yes please call today. We’ve had a reoccurring issue where the tag data is getting swapped between UNITE and MBTCP server. From time to time, the wrong data shows up in our system and when we check the eWon, it has the wrong PLC memory data in the wrong tag (not config, just the data). If we reboot the eWon the problem goes away.

I’ve also had many of the tags get randomly swapped whenever I adjust the topic timing on the UNITE server. A reboot fixes that as well.


Not a problem.

I will give you a call this morning to discuss this further.


Apologies on the delay.

Do you have some time this afternoon to review your issue? If so, please propose the best possible time.


Anytime this afternoon is equally good. Let me know when an I will make myself available.


I’ll give you a call at 4 PM EST.


Here is the reference.