RE: eWON Support/eWON Cosy] Kohler Huntsville Ewon


Hello Kyle or support team,

This eWON Cosy router at out Huntsville, AL plant is flaky and I am unable to get it to connect to the support VPN. I have put too much time into this already from our Corporate location in Kohler, WI.

It seems every time there was a power outage at this location in Huntsville, the eWON would lose its config. I finally got it back online but when I would go to the activation screen and either enter the activation key or account, the eWON goes offline. We cannot get it back online until it is powered off and on again. I either need a call direct to me at Corp. at +1 920 457 4442 x70157 or an email. I feel it is best to get a replacement there as too may man hours went into this device that is unreliable.

Randy Elledge was the IT contact person at Huntsville but he is not at the lcoation anymore so you may have worked with him. I worked with the two people in this email to try and get it back up. This caused a production downtime last week since support could not get into the device. We need solid resolution on this ASAP to avoid production downtime. I see from the past Randy has worked with Kyle at this email address.

What can you do for this situation please?


Hey Bret,

I just tried signing in to the device using the credentials provided, but you have 2 Factor authentication enabled. Can you send me a log of the device? (use eBuddy to create a back up including “Support Files”)

I have worked with Randy and Brian before, and we had a lot of issues with the network and firewall preventing the VPN connection, but we worked with IT to resolve it. This seems like it might be something different, but before we just replace the device, I’d like to see the logs and find out if it is an actual problem with the device itself or something else going on, so we don’t waste your time.

Please attach the .tar backup file and I will review it asap.





Is this a reply to my email I sent? Someone at that location will have to work with you on these, or a vendor needs to go on site.

I’m in Kohler, WI and we basically support the network infrastructure and not the attached nodes such as your device. I helped in any manner I could but the unit is to unreliable for me to continue. I have included the associates at that location I have worked with.




Brian is with me this week in Huntsville. We will send you the file today.


Thank you Barry!