RE: [External Email]: Can't get the BACnet MSTP to work with DK-AC-BAC-1


I am able to communicate with the DK-AC-BAC-1 through IP and login in. I don’t have any errors that I can see on the webpage.

LED 6 is lit up no problems.

When I switch SW3-1 from UP to DOWN to talk MS/TP. I unplug and plug back in the AC unit plug I get all 6 LEDs to flash then nothing. LED 5 never lights up.

We have a BACnet router on this site and I can see everything else on this link, just not this.

When logging into the webpage the device has the correct MAC address, and I have tried both setting the baud rate and leaving it in auto.

Under signals the ERROR_ACTIVE is NO and the ERROR_CODE is 0 .

I don’t see any other error messages or anything like that.

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