RE: Flexy - AP Details


Interesting. There is a note in the link you send “… or a client left the BSSID without sending a deauthentication frame …”

From the Flexy logs I see:

1588882367;“07/05/2020 20:12:47”;“wanmgt-Restarting permanent WAN connection”;“wanmgt”;79336;1073772933

1588882375;“07/05/2020 20:12:55”;“pla-Cannot remove previous wifi network configuration (WPAS)”;“wanmgt”;79336;-20174

1588882395;“07/05/2020 20:13:15”;“pla-Cannot create a new wifi network configuration (WPAS)”;“wanmgt”;79336;-20175

1588882437;“07/05/2020 20:13:57”;“pla-Connection rejected by WIFI SSID (Development)”;“wanmgt”;79336;20170

1588882438;“07/05/2020 20:13:58”;“wanmgt-Restarting permanent WAN connection”;“wanmgt”;79336;1073772933

Looks like it is trying to disconnect and reconnect for some reason, but fails to disconnect properly.

I’m not sure what time today I’ll be able to replicate the issue. At this moment the device is in active use.

But some time later today I should be able to undo our temporary work around and get Kyle the logs we promised.

Thank You again for your help!!



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