RE: INpact Quick start guide


Hi BJ,

I also wanted to follow up to document the issue here.

The root cause came down the to abcc_identifiaction.h file missing the necessary info for the tool to read. Since the PROFINET IO Object (0xF6) did not have valid values the tool would error out. Once the info was updated the tool was able to create the GSD file.




I’ve run into another problem… the GSD generator doesn’t seem to be working when the number of elements in an ADI is greater than 1 (an array). When I click “Generate GSD” the attached error message pops up and then the app crashes.

Please see the attached screenshot and the attached text file with the details from the GSD tool exception.

This happens when I use the “Simple16” sample program.

gsdTool array exception.txt (6.1 KB)


Hi BJ,

We just tested ran the simple16 and tested the GSD generator with out issues did not have any issues. Did you make any particular changes that we can test? Do you run into the same issue if you just run the stock SDK with Simple16?



I just redownload the sample app to start with a fresh version. The only thing I changed were the few Profinet attributes that we configured yesterday.

Still getting the GSD tool crash.

I’ve attached the file with those changes. Can you try plugging in those values and see if it works for you?

B.J. Boyer

abcc_identification.h.txt (20.5 KB)


Hi BJ,

I just ran the test application with simple16 and had no issues creating a GSD with your abcc_identification.h used.

Looking at the identification.h file it looks like it is a 2015 version is this the same for the rest of the application?



I’m using the sample programs that were bundled in the driver installation package. File “Ixxat VCI Setup 4.0.848.0” from:

Is there a newer version of the sample programs?


This might be the case the application packaged with the VCI setup might not be as up to date. the latest version is 3.0.5.
You can download the latest version here:



I wish there had been a note about that somewhere from the beginning.



I agree, I didn’t realize the one provided for the INpact was outdata. I will have to check if there is a reason for this or if it can be updated.

Did updating the application to the one I linked correct the issue?



Hi BJ,

I did a little more research regarding this. The host application is written for use with the CompactComs and tested by the Anybus team. The INpact uses the CompactCom but the Host application needs to be “ported”/reviewed by the Ixxat Team to verify the application.