RE: M2Web Demo

Hi Dan,

I’m bringing in our tech support to help with this. I’m not sure what is going on here, so I would suggest letting one of our tech support staff go on a TeamViewer session with you to go through the steps. Maybe they will have some ideas after that.

@HMS.How, please reach out to Dan to schedule a time. Thanks!


Are you having trouble getting to a PLC web interface? If so what is the protocol that you wish to use?

I can be reached at for scheduling a screen share session.

Hi Kevin, did you reach out to Dan Pelton? It looks like you only replied to me. His contact info is:

Dan Pelton
Kendall Electric
Mobile: +1 (989) 928-4310

He is trying to connect to his PanelView HMI via FactoryTalk ViewPoint which allows him to see the HMI screens on a web browser via HTTP.


Hello all,

I spoke to Dan and we went over the issue.

WWe found that due to the dynamic links that FTPV uses, it causes issues with using M2Web when trying to connect through HTTP. The only valid connection can be done is VNC.

We did verify that the the user can get to FTPV through ecatcher and ecatcher mobile. The customer understood the issue and root cause. He has noe elected to go through the mobile for user to connect. No further action items required.