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Hi Eric,

Thank you for the quick response. As you mentioned, the virus is a very large social event that is impacting all of us. We are more than understanding of the
delayed response time from everyone as entire workforces are dealing with the social norms changing and converting to remote work (if this was not already the case).

I did recognize that the HMS team was very quick to respond and was very helpful and knowledgeable when I called into the support line.

We are remaining very patient as the landscape evolves around us as I know Spain, in particular, has been significantly affected by the virus at this time.

On a related note, are there training sessions (virtual or in-person at an appropriate time) available on these devices? I imagine your engineering and development
team is intimately familiar with the VRF protocols and the integration of third party controls and we would be very interested in learning from these such experts.

Thank you again for your quick and informative response,

Tyler Bradburn, C.E.T.
Controls Specialist

I sent the response i recieved from out Team in Spain regarding the issue you are getting. It should be in your email to review.

I apologize for the delay in response.

Spain reached out.

Hi Kevin,

What is the response from Spain?


Hello Tyler,

I do believe Oriol and Pere worked with you on this issue. This was in regards to the LG system that was not compatible with our gateways. We had set up a session with Pere to go over the unit and the VRF compatibility.