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No, this is not typical. We are in a special situation caused by two events.

The first is the transition from support in Spain which was the common practice up until Dec 2019 when we switched over to US-based support through our parent company HMS.
They did a bunch of training, but still need to rely on Spain from time to time. The HMS response time is super-fast for the products they have been supporting for a while and I anticipate it will be the same for Intesis units once it gets up and going.

The second is this virus thing. It is a hot bed in Spain right now and they are struggling to keep up the basic business functions from home-based operations. They are basically
closed down, the whole country, right now. Typically Spain is getting back with our HMS people the next day.

I apologize for the delay. Not a good start with you all but we are doing all we can to keep things running.