Re: New Message From IntesisHome


Good afternoon, I hope you are doing well.

We received your inquiry about the compatibility of Intesis gateways with the Fujitsu 12LZAS1 this morning. I saw that you had inquired about this with our support team as well, so I’ve cc’d them in here too.

I did some research as that unit does not come up in our cross reference lists here. Everything I find shows the letters ASUG in front of the 12LZAS1. The only documentation I could find is the manual that you had provided earlier.

There is no documentation on the wired remote controller or the port to connect it to either, which is where our unit would connect. Although this is a Halcyon unit, I’m afraid that I cannot confirm compatibility for you. There is just nothing conclusive
at this point.

Our units that do work with Fujitsu HVAC connect like this:

You might check your unit to see if it has these terminals, if so that is a step in the right direction for us.

Instalación FJ-RC-WMP-1

Title: Hoja Instalación FJ-RC-WMP-1 Author: Intesis Software, S.L.U. Subject: FJ-RC-WMP-1 Installation Sheet Keywords: Hoja Instalación FJ-RC-WMP-1 Fujitsu

Hi Eric,

I had escalated this ticket with Spain earlier and this is what they told me.

“We are compatible with the universal intesishome device, if the remote control is the same as shown in the manual attached.”


OK. He was looking for a wired unit. Apparently he has an IntesisHome unit and upgraded to a newer Fujitsu unit that he contacted us about. The Fujitsu rep should have that for him.

Ok let me know if there’s anything else that they’re looking for on our end

Will do, thanks Tim.