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I just left you a voice mail, I am hoping that you can help me setup the Cosy-131. Or point me to someone in technical support who can.

Basically I have used the web browser to try to set it up, but it fails on the second wizard, where you setup either the wi-fi or the ethernet connection…

Ed Thornton
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From: Chris Biester
Sent: Monday, May 11, 2020 8:19 AM
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Hi Ed,
Nice to meet you.
This is a perfect fit for our Ewon Cosy product line. All you need to do is connect your 8-port Hirschman switch to the 4 port switch of the Cosy and you can get access to all of your devices on the subnet as if you were connected locally (interacting with your HMI, reading and writing to a PLC, etc).
Part number EC6133C is our Wifi unit (with ethernet fallback) so you do not have to be hard wired in. We also have cellular EC6133H if you are ever in the scenario where you cannot connect to the plant network. Outside of the hardware, you use our free software called Ecatcher to connect to your machine. See attached PDF.
Let me know if you would like to go more in depth with a Virtual meeting, thanks.


Chris Biester
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This sounds like a good fit for HMS’s EWON Product.
I have cc’d Chris Biester with HMS and he should be able to provide us with a solution.


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I have an out of state customer who has one of our machines with a Compact Logix, Panel View Plus and a couple of servos which all talk Ehternet Ip using addresses, currently just interconnected with a non-managed 8 port Hirschmann switch, not on the customers network

He wants me to be able to remote in to help debug any issues. What hardware/software will we have to purchase to allow this. (Could this be wi-fi to customer’s network or hardwired ?)


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