RE: Rexel : Silverhawk Generating Station

Hi Chris,

See what the customer asked below:


We are looking for a PLC that can receive a single Modbus TCP input, and assign up to 16 separate analog outputs. Each analog output should be tied and scaled to a specified Modbus register value. For example, Modbus Register 40100 (shown as 100 in the attached list) reports the Average Line-Line AC RMS Voltage. For this specific installation, the generator output voltage is 4160VAC. I would like the proposed PLC to read the value in register 40100 and output an analog 4-20mA signal, with 4mA = 0VAC and 20mA = 5000VAC.

We have 14 points in the list that need to be converted to analog output signals. I have highlighted those points on the attached list. I will provide more specific scaling information once you confirm whether or not Infinity Industrial Controls can accommodate this request.

I understand we will go from Modbus TCP to Ethernet/IP (PLC), then the PLC will manage all analog output signals.

Let us know your suggestion.







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