Re: S/N HW594552 gateway still not working

Hello Andreas and Tim,

I ran extra tests on this gateway S/N HW594552 today.

I run VCI along with VCI 2.2…855.0 and updated its firmware to:


1.5.4 and


No matter the firmware that I load it with, it runs fine for a couple of times and then quits.

Besides of that, the S/N HW372018 (that I never played with the firmware, it is as we received it from your factory) keeps working time after time after time. Of course, switching often from one gateway to the other seems to confuse Win Xp but a restart usually fixes it. But the same treatment doesnt fix it for S/N HW594552.

I’m surprised that even with the same firmware (1.4.1) loaded into both gateways (and their hardware being the same) that windows performs a USB device installation for each of them.

We have put a lot of time and money into this over the last few weeks.

Please Andreas call around 9:00 h eastern time tomorrow april 21st.

Best Regards,


Marcel Chrétien, Eng.

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