RE: Talk2m Issue CRM:0215000074

The blue dot next to the Ewon’s name indicates that its certificate is out of date.


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Trevor Lang
Field Applications Engineer

Hey Trevor, can you send the image again? some reason it looks like the picture didn’t upload correctly

Hello Tech Support team.

Jeff Labash at Kendall Electric has a customer trying to get a Cosy connected to their T2M account. When running the VPN wizard, the get the result in the attached image. I have not seen this before. Please reach out to Jeff directly
to give him troubleshooting advice.



Can you have him try and hover his mouse over the blue symbol and see if it gives any information on what it means? Also if the device isn’t passing the talk2m/vpn wizard, can you have him take a look at this doc?

Can’t pass VPN (Talk2M) Wizard v1.1.docx (119.7 KB)

Hi Tim,

Forget the blue dot. That was an image from my Talk2M account.

Here is the image from the customer. I have not seen this error before.

Thanks Trevor,

Just called him back and left a voicemail for him to call me back. I’ll take it from here.


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Customer called in and is on site. We ran a couple tests, and it still failed. We verified the date/time settings are correct on the unit. We tested the UDP port and TCP port. The site does not require a proxy on the network for connection.

The customer is going to try the local connection with his wifi unit, and try to establish it to the vpn. He will call back with additional details.